2018 Wedding Trends

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Every year, new ideas and details are created by talented wedding planners, floral designers and wedding vendors of every type. Here’s a look at the new 2018 wedding trends, and the details to bring them to life, for your upcoming wedding.

Navy is the new black.

As an alternative to formal black, brides and grooms are opting for dark blue as the neutral shade in their wedding color palette. Beth says that midnight blue is now the color of choice for formal weddings. “Instead of a classic black and white engraved invitation, couples are opting for a deep midnight blue letterpress invitation,” she explains. “And we’re seeing a lot of navy blue bridesmaid dresses too.”

Silver and chrome = the metallics of the moment

And metallics are here to stay, but instead of gold, brass and rose gold, which have been popular for the past few years, couples are bringing silver and chrome into the mix for 2018 wedding trends.

Colors: Deep, Rich Hues and Black Accents

Light and airy colors, including blush, mint, and peach, have been popular for a while (and not just for a spring wedding!). When it comes to 2018 wedding ideas, we’re going to see color palettes start to deepen. Richer, more dramatic hues like burgundy will appear in floral arrangements, and edgy black accents will make an appearance as well. In terms of metallics, gold and copper have been in-demand for a while now, and while that likely won’t change, we’ll start to see more silver and chrome.

Hanging flowers are the floral decor of the moment.

When deciding on your floral décor, Chezelle Rodriguez of CD Weddings in Puerto Rico explains that suspended arrangements are in for 2018. “Couples are keeping their guest tables simple and focusing more on ceiling treatments.” For an understated centerpiece, one idea she says will be popular for 2018 wedding reception tables is a small cluster of vases with just one or two types of flowers.

Bring on the texture!

Enhancing the guests’ experience includes the details that they interact with. “People want a lot of details, and are spending a lot on their guests’ experience,” explains Beth. “Different textures and something different on various elements, such as wax seals on menus, assorted linens on each table, and even three different tabletops for the reception tables are some of the new ideas that guests will notice.”

Venues: The Industrial Space

While couples will always love outdoor weddings, indoor venues, industrial spaces in particular, are the new “it” spaces. They have that same relaxed feel and “blank slate” vibe as barn venues (which aren’t going anywhere!), but with an edgier, hip feel that’s oh-so 2018. And the fact that they’re indoors make coming up with an alternate plan for bad weather a moot point.

Fabric: Velvet

Say buh-bye to sequins! These days, couples want their weddings to not only feel personal, but also very comfortable, even cozy, for their guests. It’s not just about providing a visual experience, but also a tactile one. In addition to being oh-so soft to the touch, velvet evokes warmth and luxury—perfect for a winter wedding (and beyond).


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