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Geri Sims


By Geri Sims


When a bride starts that journey to create the wedding of her dreams, it can have its hurdles. Sometimes it’s finding a venue with enough room for her guest, a location that allows outside catering and late nights or a venue in the area she lives. Most of the time this location is not exactly what she envisioned for that magical wedding day but everything else seems to fall into place. So now the bride has found the venue that fits her needs.

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Jonna + Chip Real Wedding

Jonna + ChipWe Love sharing with you amazing Real Weddings from Anya Brides. We hope you enjoy these gorgeous images from Melinda Humphries as much as we have!

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Welcome to the New Anya Bridal Website

We are thrilled to share with you our new website!

Healthy Bride for a Happy Wedding

Guest Feature by Taylor Magil of  Fresh n Fit Cuisine

Ginger Peanut Chicken Kabobs 2_Spring is here and with the dawn of Spring comes the beginning of wedding season! When you’re getting married, you want to look fabulous in your dress and chances are toning up or eating healthier is on your mind. Don’t settle for crash diets and freeze dried “diet food” entrees. Instead, making small, subtle changes in your health routine and eating habits can have huge impacts on your overall health and happiness! First, let us share 3 easy to follow tips for how you can be a healthy bride!

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Got the Guy, Got the Ring, Get the Venue!

Guest Feature by Emily Smith of  Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina

He did it. He popped the question! He was sweating bullets and acting like a total weirdo leading up to it, but he did it!! You’ve been working on your (secret, of course) Pinterest Wedding board since you got home from your first date…..two guys ago. So now what? Where do you go from here?!


Everything leading up to now has all been a “vision.” What dress do you see yourself in? Who do you see walking you down the aisle? Which of the 99 shades of lavender do you see your bridesmaids in? All of these things you’re seeing have something in common: they have to be in the same place! That’s why it’s so hard to imagine anything when you don’t have the venue to build around. Are you getting married in the church? On the beach? A contemporary loft space with a great view of the skyline? Your venue sets the scene, the tone, the ambiance, yes, even the date of your wedding. Nothing is more important. (Oh, except finding the perfect person to spend the rest of forever with. And you did that! Go you!!)

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Real Wedding ~ Christina + David


I had a blast working with Anya Bridal! My dress was ordered and arrived quickly, and everyone was really nice. My entire family loved my gown! I have 30 or so first cousins and lots of Aunts and Uncles. But my dress was unique compared to all the other women in my family who have all gotten married. Everyone was really stunned when I walked down the aisle. David, my now husband, was kind of confused when he first saw me – he thought I was going for a big ball gown, but I chose a fit and flare style. The dress was beautiful, and the price wasn’t’ bad either. I was under budget, which was nice. My favorite part was all the sparkle on the dress. I thought I didn’t want sparkle, I thought I wanted really intricate fabric, but my dress was full of sequins!


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Wedding Planners are not just for the wealthy & you won't miss out on any of the fun!

Guest Post from Sarah Day of SAS Weddings

As I sit and reflect on the changes I have personally seen in the event industry over the past 20 years, two things stick out to me the most.
 SAS Weddings
FIRST: Wedding Planners are not just for the wealthy... Now I know what you're thinking "you're a wedding planner, of course you would say that!" But really it's so beyond true!!! In a day and age where DIY Weddings have come to life on Pinterest, so many more people are trying to accomplish amazing feats of event land on their own. The time, emotions, and financial investment you are putting into your wedding day carry a huge price tag no matter your budget. You don’t need to be a celebrity to have a professional by your side helping you manage that stress and financial commitment you are putting into your wedding.
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SeeYa Strapless ... Illusions are In

Mori Lee 2725Here to stay are the soft and feminine while also being discretely sexy Illusion Necklines. And frankly we can’t be happier!   While these have been trending for a little while, designers now have taken the illusion neckline to the next level by making them more eye-catching with incorporating intricate lace, crystal, and unique appliqué elements. The amazing dynamic of an Illusion Neckline is that it’s suited for both a more traditional, modest bride and a bride who is longing to make a daring statement. There is nothing more flattering and wedding-worthy than a barely-there embellished fabric veiling of a bride's décolletage. 

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Real Wedding ~ Katie + Ryan

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our brides walk down the aisle towards the love of their life. We are thrilled to bring you a series of Anya 2014 Real Weddings and we only hope you enjoy reading their stories and seeing their wedding photos as much as we have.  

Katie + Ryan

Katie + Ryan

On January 10, 2014, my boyfriend of 4 ½ years sent me on a scavenger hunt around Atlanta. After gathering my clues, one of which led me to my favorite nail salon to be pampered, my final clue sent me to Lenox Park, where Ryan was waiting. He got down on one knee and, in so many words, asked me to marry him. I was ecstatic! I thought that was the best night of my life, until October 11, 2014, our wedding night. We began planning our wedding the night of our proposal, as it was much anticipated. Ryan had asked my family to be in town for the proposal, much to my surprise. My mom knew that I loved Allure Couture dresses so she had already made an appointment, without my knowledge, at Anya Bridal to go wedding dress shopping the next morning.

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Saying “Yes,” Then Finding it for Less: The “Real” Realities of Wedding Dress Shopping

Written by Tracy Stewart

LAURA_detail_1052x1472Looking for your bridal gown can be one of the most exciting times in your life. The following is a simple guide that will help make your shopping experience superb!   Before you start booking appointments, be sure you’ve done your homework. Learn about the culture of the stores you are interested in visiting. For example, how many guests can you bring? When is the best time to shop? Is there a return policy? How much should you expect to pay for your gown? Being armed with this information will streamline the possibility of any mishaps and start you out on a positive note! Here's what you need to know:

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