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10 Ways To A Fun Wedding Reception

Now we all know the ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day, but the reception is what your guests almost always look forward to! Make the reception celebration memorable and personal, and make sure you plan a night your guests will never forget! Here are ten fun ways to plan a fun wedding reception.

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The Ultimate Guide to Our Favorite Wedding Themes

outdoor wedding table decorations

One of the hardest things about wedding planning is communicating your vision with your vendors. Explaining a rustic-themed wedding might sound like a bohemian soiree to your planner! Visuals help but it’s mostly important to know you’re speaking the same language. That’s where we come in.

We decided to break down every theme you could possibly dream of and wrote down basic descriptions/buzzwords for each theme.

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Top 8 Wedding Color & Style Mistakes Not To Make

colorful wedding table decorations

Just because you have several favorite colors doesn't mean they will necessarily work together for your wedding! Here is our top ten wedding color & style mistakes and how to fix them.

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So You're Engaged...Here's What To Do First!

wedding dress with blue backdrop

You’re engaged! Pop a bottle of champagne, because it’s time to celebrate. But when you wake up the next day and realize it’s time to start planning, here’s how to dive in.

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Anya Bridal Clearance & All It's Magic

Congratulations! You're engaged! The easy part is officially over--you found someone to love and spend the rest of your life with--now you have just a few short months to plan a wedding! And, most importantly, it’s time to find a dress that makes you look like the queen you are without completely bankrupting yourself.

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Wedding Invitation Wording Done Right

wedding invitation

You could have the most gorgeous invites ever, but when it comes down to it, they need to be as informative as possible. They need to spell out all essential wedding info such as who’s getting married, who is hosting and where, when and what time the ceremony will take place. In reality, wedding invitation wording is a place where you might want to get creative, but not too creative because they need to convey the basic information. Here, we will break down each line and what they should typically say.


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Allure Bridal Trunk Show This Weekend!

allure bridal trunk show

Trunk shows are always a fashion experience that is not only exciting, but a fun way for future brides to view our most recent styles in gowns! This weekend, we are showcasing an Allure Bridal trunk show!

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Last Minute Ideas for your Summer Wedding

This Summer season’s trends will be featuring a lot of bright and bold color palettes, graphic patterns, statement baubles, and more. If you’re having a Summer wedding, here are some great last minute ideas for the big affair!

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Here's Our Take on What Wedding Trends To Keep or Ditch in 2017

In the magical world of wedding trends, things are constantly changing, evolving and starting anew. There’s always something new and exciting, and more unique than the previous year’s celebrations. To stay on top of trends and avoid being late to the party, you need to get in the know ahead of the game if you’re getting married in 2017. Here’s what we’d like to see change in the realm of weddings!


Making “Us” Time is Definitely a Priority
As a bride-to-be, you have probably been told about the importance of making sure you talk to all of your aunts, uncles and cousins that you barely see in your daily life. And while it is important that you speak with and thank all of your guests--especially the ones who’ve flown in from out of town for your Wedding day--it is extremely important to make sure you don’t get caught up in every single conversation. While everyone can’t wait to hug and congratulate you on your big day, you need to prioritize staying connected with your new spouse throughout the wedding celebration!Don’t get separated by groups of friends and family and make it a point to stay together so you can enjoy your special day.


Ditching the After-Party Idea isn’t such a Bad Idea...

It might sound crazy at first, but we truly believe guests should stay put, and you could bring the “after-party” excitement to the party. Keeping the guests in one location is important because it’ll keep the energy flowing and consistent. After all, the wedding is the main event! Changing the venue could risk losing the party vibe after everyone settles in once again. Create energy and moment in one environment by switching entertainment, opening different areas/bars and lighting!

Modern & Industrial Vibes

It has been predicted that mixing metallics with white will be on the top of everyone’s list when it comes to the color stories of 2017/2018. Ditch the idea of using shiny silvers and golds! Approach your color story with softer, brushed metallic with a bright white accent to make the color combo perfect! If you’re not really feeling the modern and industrial vibes, don’t forget how fabric can transform a venue!


Playful Paper

Finding a way to preserve your special wedding memories is important. That’s where paper comes in! Paper isn’t just used for wedding invitations anymore. For couples wanting to save a few dollars or just looking for something a little different than the average flower decor, paper flowers offer a unique way to add playfulness, personality, and bright pops of color!  


Get Rid of Receiving Lines

Traditionally, the bride’s parents--as hosts--head receiving lines and are always first to greet guests, followed by the bride and groom and then the groom’s parents. In 2017, this style of reception is considered old school and unpopular. Instead, opt to greet your guests during cocktail hour, and throughout the entire night!


First Looks

While this is considered to be widely untraditional, first-look wedding photos are becoming very popular! While it’s a fairly new trend in the world of weddings, couples are embracing the extremely romantic moment. Not entirely comfortable with seeing the groom before the ceremony? There are a lot of creative ways for the bride to see the groom without him seeing her--or you know, THE dress--there are plenty of ways to personalize this new tradition!

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