How To Create The Best Bridal Shower Ever

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Hosting a bridal shower is such a fun task for anyone helping with the planning process. The bride needs a break from all the commotion and should be able to attend a party in her honor without having to worry about the planning part. There are very simple ways you, the hostess, can make the shower memorable!

Use the Wedding Colors

If you’re struggling to come up with a theme, don’t hesitate to pick the brides already chosen color scheme! It keeps the whole affair consistent. You know you can’t go wrong there and she will love it, and it’ll also give the guests an idea of what to expect for the wedding. Use the bride's chosen colors and incorporate them into the florals, table centerpieces, and even the dessert bar!

Have Games Prepared

There is no harm in a little game here and there. If all of your guests don’t know each other. Come up with some fun icebreakers so everyone gets to know each other! Granted, they’re all going to be seeing each other again real soon. Wink wink.

Pass Desserts When Gifts Are Being Opened

Gifts can take up to an hour, and everyone will be over it after a while. Pass around cake and desserts as a distraction and mingling opportunity for everyone. The bridesmaids usually take this role and help get dessert to everyone that wants one so they don’t have to get up.

Light Bites

Looking for a little inspiration? Small finger foods are always a good idea and for good reason. They’re inexpensive and feed a crowd well. Cocktails also pair well, so come up with a fun signature drink to pass out as the guests arrive. You’ll win the best hostess award if the drink is not only themed, but match the colors of the brides wedding! She might be inspired to have the same drink served at the wedding!

Shower Favors

Guests always love a good favor, especially when they’re functional and can be put to use! Nail polish, bath salts, and any other spa-related items always go over well. A small jar of jam or homemade honey is also a good idea! And so cute!


Anything wedding related can get expensive, so don’t feel bad about asking your guests (or just the bridesmaids) to bring a little something to share. Especially if you’re the only hostess, things add up real quick and you shouldn’t have to be the only person in charge of bringing food especially if you don’t feel comfortable affording it. Better yet, ask the bride's mom, in-laws, grandmas, and aunts to bring some homemade baked goods!

Splurge On…

Florals! Florals are ALWAYS a good idea for any and every event. You can easily cut your shower budget anywhere as long as there are gorgeous florals to go around. When the shower is over, give a centerpiece to every person that helped plan the shower, such as mothers and bridesmaids, as a thank you!

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