Anya Bridesmaids Dress Styles



Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress style can be difficult because there are so many options! If you can’t decide on whether you want short bridesmaid dresses or long bridesmaid dresses for your special day, we have some Do’s and Don’ts to help you decide!

Short Bridesmaid Dresses: We love short bridesmaid dresses for all different types of weddings! The dresses are super versatile because they can be totally classy or super fun. For example, check out our Alfred Sung Style (D696). This dress is sophisticated, elegant, and perfect for your romantic wedding. It will allow your best friends to move freely on the dance floor and feel totally confident and comfortable. Or, check out this Alfred Sung Style (D597)! This dress is fun and flirty and perfect for your warm, seaside wedding! Short dresses aren’t always the best option so here’s some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:


--- If you are planning a June wedding or a destination beach wedding, short bridesmaid dresses are perfect for the occasion! --- If you want to make sure your best friends have the freedom to bust-a-move on the dance floor, then go with short bridesmaid dresses! They will greatly appreciate it!


--- Steer clear of tight, short bridesmaid dresses, especially if your girls feel uncomfortable sitting and standing in a short, tight dress. Or, at least make sure your short bridesmaid dresses are long enough that you don’t have to worry about this!

--- If you are planning a winter wedding in Antarctica, we definitely suggest staying away from short bridesmaid dresses. While an Antarctic wedding is unlikely, keep your girl’s comfort and warmth in mind when choosing a short wedding dress!

Long Bridesmaid Dresses: While long bridesmaid dresses may seem too traditional for some, we love them because they can be completely elegant for your formal wedding or flow beautiful in the breeze at your outside wedding. Check out our (After Six Bridesmaid style 1500); this dress just radiates grace and class for your formal wedding. Or, check out this (Dessy Bridesmaid Dress 2989); this beautiful chiffon, turquoise fabric will look stunning flowing in the beach breeze at your destination wedding! With so many styles of long bridesmaid dresses, you shouldn’t worry that a long bridesmaid dress will be too hot or too formal for your special day. Here’s a couple of Do’s and Don’ts for long bridesmaid dresses:


--- Long bridesmaid dresses generally set a more elegant tone if you are planning a formal wedding.

---Long bridesmaid dresses are perfect for winter! They also look very elegant if you pair it with a faux fur capelet.

---Long bridesmaid dresses also eliminate a shoe choice. Your girls can totally rock their favorite sneakers or go barefoot - no one will ever know!


--- If you’re planning a summer or destination wedding, keep your girl’s comfort in mind. If you are set on a long bridesmaid dress, keep the dress fabric in mind. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses are perfect for warm weddings because the fabric is light and looks beautiful in the breeze.

--- If you’re bridesmaids have drastic height differences, we suggest staying away from long dresses because the longest dress for the tallest bridesmaid will completely swallow your shortest bridesmaid.

If you still can’t decide on short or long bridesmaid dress style, then bridesmaid skirts are a perfect solution! For example, you can do a lace short dress and add a removable chiffon skirt. Walking down the aisle, your bridesmaid will look timeless and chic, and when it’s time for the reception, they can remove the chiffon bridesmaid skirt and dance the night away in the lace short bridesmaid dress!

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