Time To Do The Bustle! Learn How To Bustle Your Wedding Gown


Getting to know all the intricate parts of a custom wedding dress is part of the fun in creating your custom gown. Today, we’re going to give you a breakdown on bustles so you can hit the cocktail hour and dance floor with ease.


What is a Wedding Dress Bustle?

A bustle stops your wedding dress from dragging along the ground by gathering up the train and any other extra fabric. Essentially, the bustle is the savior of wedding dresses with lots of fabric or long trains! Using a series of ties or buttons, the bustle either lifts or tucks away the excess fabric nice and neatly.

Dress designers first created the bustle in the 1800s when women had frames to support their very full-skirted dresses. So, you can rest assured that a proper bustle will provide the best support for even the most lavish of wedding dresses on your big day! Though you don’t have to have a cumbersome frame under your dress these days, as the bustling method has come along a long way since the Victorian era.


How To Create A Wedding Bustle

Bustles are added post-dress production to help you raise the train of the dress. This makes it easier for you to mingle and dance without tripping or stepping on your train! There are several bustle types, from traditional to unique. Work with our alterations specialists to decide what type of bustle you’d like on your dress!

American Bustle – The most common, this is a type of over bustle. The buttons or hooks are attached to the exterior of the gown.


French Bustle – Also known as an under bustle, attachment points are under the dress and fabric is folded in.


Ballroom or Train Flip Bustle – These styles give the illusion of no bustle at all. The fabric is folded strategically to make it seem like you had a floor-length dress the whole time!


Austrian Bustle – A ruched design with ribbons (think of the way theater curtains cinch upward).


Wristlet Bustle – A loop is added on the underside of the train so you carry the train of the dress around your wrist.

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