8 Non-Floral Centerpieces That Are Stunning

If you’re trying to cut down on your wedding costs by eliminating the expensive flower arrangement centerpieces, you came to the right place. We’re opting for centerpieces that seem much more unique! Here are ten non-flower centerpiece alternatives!

Bird Cages

For a garden wedding with a classic rustic feel, display birdcages on tables for a simple and eye-catching centerpiece. If you want to get really creative, weave ivy or a couple of flowers into the cage. Candles inside the cage would create a more intimate mood for an evening reception!


If the weather is chilly on your wedding day, lanterns will always add a cozy touch to your reception tables. Vintage style lanterns are perfect for the fall. If you choose to use a lantern in the summer, opt for a sleek white design instead.

A Tower of Teacups

For a springtime wedding with a country vibe, a teacup centerpiece is the perfect combination of elegant and excitement. Vintage china is a plus (check your local flea market!) or ask your family if they have any to spare for the big day! Stack your teacups and saucers with a little bit of sturdy glue to hold it it together.

Books, Books, Books!

Allow your guests to explore a good book by stacking classic novels on your tables. It’s always a bonus if the centerpiece books have romantic titles or filled with appropriate poems!

Christmas Ornaments

Of course, this is only an appropriate centerpiece idea for a holiday wedding. And if you're holding your wedding during the wonderful hustle and bustle of Christmas, then you’ll want to add a festive touch to your tables! You could fill glass vessels with ornaments that fit the wedding color scheme or even add mini-christmas trees with candles!


Fresh Fruit

Fruit can be turned into a gorgeous, colorful centerpiece for virtually any type of wedding. Spring or Summer, fill large bowls with bright lemons, limes or oranges if you want a color approach to your tables. Planning a tropical wedding? Definitely use pineapples and coconuts. Even in autumn, baskets full of red apples or a bowl of red berries would be beautiful.


Wine Bottles

If you’re looking for a clean, contemporary centerpiece, gather wine bottles that compliment the wedding color scheme. This centerpiece is fitting for a wedding reception held in a vineyard or winery!

Sweet Tooth
A delicious-looking centerpiece doubling as a wedding favor? Say no more! In a glass vessel, layer colored candy in whatever color that fits the wedding scheme. Stick in a layer of lollipops that are easily accessible for guests to take on the way out! Just make sure there’s at least one for each person at the table!



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