Anya Bridal Clearance & All It's Magic

Congratulations! You're engaged! The easy part is officially over--you found someone to love and spend the rest of your life with--now you have just a few short months to plan a wedding! And, most importantly, it’s time to find a dress that makes you look like the queen you are without completely bankrupting yourself.

If you’re a bride-to-be, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on a dress you might not even like in a couple of years. And here's the thing about a wedding gown: You're only going to wear it once! If you can save money and get the designer look you want by buying a dress that's on clearance, that seems like a pretty smart arrangement, right?

We think it’s important for brides to know how incredible our clearance section is. At Anya Bridal, we have couture gowns that originally retailed for over $3000 that are now selling for $1000 or less! Too many brides get caught up in the moment and end up spending a small fortune on their dresses--and trust us, we don’t blame you. You’re about to experience the best and most anticipated day of your life. It's an easy mistake to make when searching for the perfect gown--especially if you're watching shows like "Say Yes to the Dress" in preparation for your own dress shopping experience. You might think it's normal to spend upwards of $5,000 on a gown. However, at Anya Bridal, we have no intentions of emptying your wallets. We have over 200 stunning gowns priced under $499. And our size range? We have sizes starting from size 0, all the way to size 28. We guarantee that you’ll find a dress you love in your size!

If you can get great deal on your wedding gown, we only have one tip for you: Get a great deal! We highly suggest you browse clearance first when you stop in at Anya Bridal. There’s a good chance you’ll find the gown of superior quality for a far better price than a new gown with lesser quality. Buying a gown is like buying a house: new doesn't mean great construction!

This weekend, we’re having a huge Spring Sample sale! We’ll have gowns available that start at $99!! We promise you’ll want to come in for this. We can’t wait to see you there!

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