Wedding Color & Style Mistakes That Are An Easy Fix!

Just because you have several favorite colors doesn't mean they will necessarily work together for your wedding! Here is our top ten wedding color & style mistakes and how to fix them.

Mistake: Using Too Many Colors
Fixed: Keep it simple!

With very few exceptions, you should pick 2-3 colors that go well together and continuously stick with them. Using the same colors throughout all of your wedding decor will help create a cohesive flow. Narrowing your color palette to only a few colors will also keep elements like your centerpiece from looking too busy or messy. Adding varied shades of the same color could also add depth to your wedding look without it looking too chaotic too!

Mistake: Limiting Yourself to seasonal colors
Fix: Go seasonless!

Forget about the outdated seasonal color rules like pastels for spring and orange/yellow combos for fall. Pick a color palette that you love and then tailor it to the specific season your wedding is taking place in. If you want to pull off a pastel winter wedding, swap out rosy pink for a muted blush or sage instead of a seafoam green or mint green.

Mistake: Trendy Colors
Fix: Skip all the fads

It’s easy to get carried away with ideas you see in wedding magazines and inspiration boards! However, just because you love an unexpected idea on paper doesn’t mean it’ll be the right choice for your particular wedding. Your color palette should be one that you enjoy looking at for years to come--don’t forget you’ll be framing photos with those same colors! If you’re drawn to a specific color that’s trending now, consider using that hue sparingly instead of making it the main color. You must ask yourself the following questions: what colors make you happy? What color is your favorite room? Your notebook?

Mistake: Wrong Color Ratio
Fix: Balance Brights

If you have two dominant colors in your palette, don’t use them equally! Decide which hue will be the center of your color palette. This kind of choice will affect your decisions from linens, flowers, and lighting! If you love bright orange, pick a muted shade as a secondary color. The result will let your favorite color shine!

Mistake: Predictable Colors
Fix: Take Risk!!

Prevent your colors from reminding guests of the holidays by tweaking your hues. The real trick here is to switch up at least one shade to downplay the resemblance. For example, if you’re having a Christmas wedding, go for a forest green and a pale pink to make it look less-Christmasy.

Mistake: Ignore Texture
Fix: Define your own version of matching

If you have two colors that don’t look right when put together, it might be because they have different textures. A burlap table runner won’t look good with a red satin linen, but it will look good with a cotton tablecloth! Mixing textures in the same hue can also add more drama and depth to your wedding! Patterns help break up bold colors, so if you use colors like bright yellow or black won’t overwhelm tables!

Mistake: Attempting to color-match your flowers
Fix: Don’t Force It

Don’t insist on your floral bouquets and centerpieces match. Ask your florist to choose complementary neutral flowers that will soften the color scheme of your wedding. Let the centerpiece vases and ribbons around the bouquets show off your color palette!

Mistake: Choosing colors that don’t fit the mood
Fix: Lighten up your color palette

Even if yellow might be favorite color, it might not be the ideal shade for a wedding on New Year's Eve! If you’re set on a color that doesn’t fit with the atmosphere you’re trying to create, use accent colors. Your color scheme will ultimately set the tone for your wedding. You need to figure out which emotions you want to evoke within your celebration before you pick your palette!

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