How To Avoid Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Wedding planning can be quite overwhelming, stressful and flat out crazy for brides and grooms! There are SO many mistakes that you could make during the planning process. Luckily, we’ve compiled our biggest mistakes that must be avoided!

Planning, Not Thinking

Let’s start with an all-too common and relatively easy mistake to make – planning without thinking.  You know, with the excitement of it all when you just start ticking things off the wedding planning to do list without really thinking things through or considering what you’re doing. You might fall in love with a venue and book without considering how this might affect the number of guests you can invite, the amount of money you’ll have for catering or even how the venue will influence the style of your day.

Before you start booking or even researching your venue and key suppliers take time to think about what kind of wedding you want, number of guests, locations, your budget and budget priorities.  Thinking about and understanding your requirements from the outset will ensure you that you have a solid planning foundation with less risk of consequences later down the line.

Booking a Venue Before Creating your Guest List!
What if you book a venue that has a max capacity of 100 people and you then create a guest list of 200!!! That won’t work and you can’t back out of that contract because you most likely put down a non-refundable deposit!!  Create your guest list first my friends!!

Not Having A Plan B

Whatever you do, make sure you have a Plan B because then, and only then, can you face down those wedding day hiccups with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders before heading onwards to something you’re equally happy with.  You might have dreamt of drinks on the lawn or an outdoor ceremony but which space inside your venue would be your first choice should you need a wet weather alternative? If you make these decisions before your wedding day you’ll be sure of getting the day you’d hoped for, whatever might crop up.

Ignoring Your Budget

If there’s one thing that can suck the joy right out of wedding planning, it’s the budget. The thought of sitting down and deciding how much you can afford to spend and what your priorities are isn’t going to make anyone’s list of great wedding planning experiences. However, if you ignore your budget, you really do run the risk of not enjoying your planning at all.  It costs a lot of money to have a wedding and your wedding budget is your bank account without the overdraft – you simply shouldn’t spend more than you have, unless you can cut costs elsewhere.My top budget planning tip is to build in a contingency fund of around 5-10% of your budget for any unexpected costs. So, if your dress alterations cost a little more than you thought, you hadn’t accounted for supplier meals or you’ve spent a little more on details and décor, then having a contingency fund will mean that you’re (hopefully) covered and that you won’t go over-budget as a result.


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