Tips On Picking The Perfect Band For Your Engagement Ring

You did it! You’re engaged, and you have the most beautiful engagement ring your wildest Pinterest board could’ve dreamt of! But now you have to choose a beautiful wedding band to go with it. It’s definitely more difficult than it sounds, trust me. We know you feel the same way, so I made this all-inclusive guide on how to choose the best wedding band for your engagement ring for the both of us! In this guide, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring as well as wedding band + engagement ring combinations for inspiration!

Finding the perfect wedding band can often seem like a wild goose chase due to the huge number of options available in the market. There are so many pretty and versatile bands available out there that it gets hard to pick just one! Your wedding band should complement your engagement ring and add to its exquisiteness. You’ll be cherishing your ring and basking in its glory for years to come, so make sure to choose the perfect one!

Halo rings are eye-catching. Use a band with only one same element as the engagement ring’s.
Whether you have a round or a square halo ring, picking a similar element such as the shape or size of the diamonds will help you in finding the perfect match for your ring. You can experiment with different styles by mixing and matching diverse stones or metals. For instance, you can pair a rose gold band with a white gold ring by opting for a pave setting style. For a round halo ring, you can go for a wedding band with round diamonds to create the perfect match!

Wedding bands for two-stone or three-stone engagement rings should be simple to let the extravagance of the engagement ring shine!
If you have a two-stone or three-stone engagement ring, chances are it already has a lot of exquisite detailing. All you need to do is now find the perfect band that incorporates one of those elements to complete the look. You can pair your classic gold and silver ring with a timeless white band to create an exotic pairing. If your engagement ring has a curved silhouette, go for a curved wedding band to accommodate the design and create a picture-perfect match.

Solitaire engagement rings are versatile–go wild!
Solitaires are timeless and classic, so you can either go for the traditional look by pairing it with a glittery band or create your own variation by adding colorful diamonds to it! It all depends on your preference. Pair your solitaire with this glamorous bridal gown to create the perfect style statement!

Statement rings should be paired with timeless classics.
If you own a showstopper ring, you should opt for a timeless classic white band in order to bring your rock into the limelight! Or you could also opt for a statement wedding band to create a timeless match!

If you have a gold engagement ring, get a gold wedding band, but you can pair different colored golds with each other!
Having a gold colored engagement ring does not mean that you’re stuck with a specific color. You can experiment with various shades of gold to create your ideal combination! Pairing different colored golds is a great way to amp up the charm of a gold engagement ring!

The stone shapes in the engagement ring should match the shape of the stones in the wedding band.
When searching for the perfect wedding band, make sure to keep in mind that the stones present on your engagement ring should match the stones on the wedding band. For instance, if you own a round solitaire and are looking for a shiny wedding band to go with it, look for one that has round diamonds to add the right amount of bling!

If you have colored stones, consider using those same colored-stones in your wedding band.
Wedding bands should blend well with the engagement ring in order to create a balanced and coherent look. So if you have an engagement ring that has rubies or sapphires, try to find a band with similar stones. Keep in mind that a wedding band should never take away from the engagement ring, instead it should add to its glamor and beauty.

It’s okay to get engagement rings and wedding bands that match!
One surefire way to create the perfect match is to go for matching engagement rings and wedding bands. This simple but timeless combination will never go out of fashion and it is perfect for people who own a classic taste in rings!

Eternity engagement rings should be paired with simple wedding bands.
If you own an engagement ring with an eternity diamond band, go for a simple wedding band that does not have any gems or stones to keep your ring in the spotlight. Pair it with this modern dress to create a chic and romantic overall look!

Engagement rings that are uniquely shaped could have wedding bands that have a similar shape that work well!
People nowadays have been going berserk for engagement rings that are uniquely shaped, and for good reason. These high-fashion rings look exclusive and are irreplaceable! Pair such rings with a wedding band that has a similar shape.

Simple engagement rings call for simple wedding bands.
A bulky wedding band with gigantic stones won’t go well with a simple and sleek engagement ring. Avoid heavily adorned wedding bands and go for sleek options to complement your modest ring.

Vintage engagement rings call for intricate wedding bands.
Vintage engagement rings usually feature intricate designs, so it is recommended to look for an urbane and sophisticated wedding band that has a similar detailing to that of the ring. Pair it with these classy and timeless earrings to make a bold style statement!

The wedding band and engagement ring should have similar widths.
An important rule to keep in mind is that the wedding band and your engagement ring should have a similar width in order to create a balanced and coherent overall look.

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