Top Engagement Ring Trends In 202


2019 is already coming to close, so naturally, we’re curious about all the new wedding trends that will filter into 2020. Like engagement rings, for example. Below are a few engagement ring trends we are loving right now and current trends that we definitely expect to stick around in the year 2020. 


Gallery Detailing 

What we love most about gallery detailing is the small intricate details on the ring. The beauty is hidden well into the details and adds something special to a very understated and/or classic ring. It’s the perfect way to make your ring stand out amongst the crowd. 


Modern Three-Stone Rings


 We might have to thank Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for this trend. As the name implies, a three-stone ring boasts a center gem accented by two diamonds or gemstones on either side. This fixture is meant to represent a couple’s past, present, and future. 


Yellow Gold 

Speaking of Meghan Markle’s ring, yellow gold is (unofficially) on the rise. The beautiful metal works with both with diamonds and colorful gemstones and complements just about every type of setting, including classic, vintage and modern. 


Stacked and Nested Rings

We have to admit, we’re a little obsessed with a well-curated stack of rings. Another trend that’s on the rise is adding multiple wedding bands. It has become increasingly popular, and now, brands are designing stunning, individual styles that have a “stacked look.”.


Delicate and Distinctive Halos 

When it comes to engagement rings, halos will always be popular—after all, they tend to make a center diamond appear larger. But in 2020, we think we’ll see couples getting more and more creative with their halo design, and choosing distinctive shapes and delicate details rather than cushion halos and the like. 


Asymmetric Designs 

Before you ask, no, an asymmetrical ring doesn’t have to be totally out-there. Instead, couples can go for rings with subtle, delicate asymmetrical touches that show off their individuality. 


Lab Diamonds 

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, especially with millennials. FYI, lab-created diamonds are sustainable, eco-conscious and result in minimal environmental impact. More jewelry brands than ever are offering to design rings with lab-grown diamonds as the center stone, and we’re looking forward to seeing this trend continue to take off.

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