Everything You Need To Do Before You Put On the Dress!


The moment has finally arrived–it’s your wedding day! It’s time to put your wedding dress on and get ready to walk down the aisle. It’s such a special moment, but don’t rush it. You want to make sure when you look at yourself in the mirror for the first time everything is absolutely perfect. So before you put on the gown, make sure you do these tasks.


1. Wash Your Hands

First thing's first: wash your hands before you even go near your dress! You don't want to ruin your wedding dress with leftover makeup on your hand--it can leave a massive black streak across the front of your dress when you put it on!


2. Eat & Drink

Make sure you eat before the dress goes on because once the dress is on, we think only consuming clear liquids and keeping the food intake to a minimum is important.


3. Go To The Bathroom

Trust us when we say going to the bathroom in a big fluffy dress is really hard!


5. Put On Your Shoes

Whether your dress goes over your head or you have to step into it, having your shoes on first gets you ready quicker. Have someone assist you when putting it on especially when stepping in to avoid stepping on your wedding dress.



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