A Guide To Your Floral Contract

What is a floral contract?

A flower proposal is a detailed description and itemized list of every arrangement and rental item your florist will use to bring your decor and floral vision to life. The proposal is actually very comprehensive. It will include the flowers and rental items the florist plans to use, pricing information and the contract policy. 

How Will It Work

You’ll talk about what you’re looking for based on your budget and style. Explain your vision, touching on the theme, colors, and your favorite flowers as well as the type of arrangements you’re looking for. Make sure to bring pictures--images are more telling than words, so bring your inspiration board.

What Else To Expect In The Proposal

Before you put down your deposit, you’ll meet again with your top florists and they’ll present an exact proposal based on what you discussed during the first meeting. Here’s what else it should include:

-Contact info for you and the florist

-Date, times, and location of both the ceremony and reception

- List of all arrangements, including the varieties to be used

-List of rental items the florist will supply

-Setup details for the ceremony

-Delivery info for bouquets

-Name of a florist who will be handling your wedding.

-Sales tax, overtime charges, delivery costs and setup fees.

-Payment schedule

What Happens After You Sign

After you’ve agreed to a contract and put down a deposit, you’ll still need to meet with your florist a few more times before you say “I Do”. You may want to make additions along the way, like adding flowers to the cake or arrangements in the restroom. Florists will also create mockups of your centerpieces and other major arrangements to review. The flowers are one of your largest expenses and the main décor element, so you want to make sure you're happy with them. It's also a good idea to see how any major arrangements look with the rest of the planned décor, so everything works together!

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