Considering Food Trucks For Your Wedding? Read This First.


Choosing alternative ways to host a wedding reception is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Wedding couples are getting rid of seating plans and letting their guests choose where to sit. They’re even opting for a more picnic-style reception over a cocktail hour. In recent years, there has been a rise in mobile bars, dessert wagons, food trucks and more. 

If this is something you’re seriously interested in, then keep reading! We have plenty of ideas and options for you to choose from and hopefully, you’ll find something that matches your budget and style! 

Casual Is The Way To Go

If you’re interested in hosting a casual reception, food trucks might be the best catering style for you. It really provides a laid-back feeling to your reception, while giving your guests the opportunity to mingle and know each other better

Super Delicious Options

What we love most about food trucks at a wedding are the delicious options that are available! BBQ, ice cream, burritos--just to name a few! And the best part is, if your guests are still hungry, they can always line up again for a second or third round! 

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh! 

Another great thing about providing a food truck at your wedding reception is the freshness of the food! It’s made-to-order, meaning there will be freshly made treads for your guests! 

Staying Within Budget Is Important

Because food trucks are a much more casual option for a reception, this might cut costs to your catering budget. If you think about it, getting a food truck means you’re eliminating the fees of rental chairs, tables, dishes, staffing, and extra fees like cake cutting! 

Most Importantly...Make It Awesome

Whether you choose to have a sit-down meal or a food truck extravaganza, the most important part is you and your husband-to-be will enjoy the best night of your life with your loved ones! 


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