Got the Guy, Got the Ring, Get the Venue!

Guest Feature by Emily Smith of  Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina

He did it. He popped the question! He was sweating bullets and acting like a total weirdo leading up to it, but he did it!! You’ve been working on your (secret, of course) Pinterest Wedding board since you got home from your first date…..two guys ago. So now what? Where do you go from here?!


Everything leading up to now has all been a “vision.” What dress do you see yourself in? Who do you see walking you down the aisle? Which of the 99 shades of lavender do you see your bridesmaids in? All of these things you’re seeing have something in common: they have to be in the same place! That’s why it’s so hard to imagine anything when you don’t have the venue to build around. Are you getting married in the church? On the beach? A contemporary loft space with a great view of the skyline? Your venue sets the scene, the tone, the ambiance, yes, even the date of your wedding. Nothing is more important. (Oh, except finding the perfect person to spend the rest of forever with. And you did that! Go you!!)


I’m going to use the b-word now: “Budget”…or hey, let’s change it to “Spending Plan”! That’s less scary. Two-thirds of your spending plan should be allotted to your venue, food, and beverage. Since most of the venues you shop are going to provide your food and beverage, the venue is going to be your biggest piece of the pie. So aside from your “vision” and the warm fuzzy side of wedding planning, this is going to be the biggest check out of the magic checkbook! Let’s make it a good one. Ok, ok! I convinced you. You’re venue shopping now. Do yourself a favor and do LOTS of research from home. Your fiancé and gas tank will thank you. Anyone can have a great website, so make sure you’re calling ahead and asking the right questions. How long have they been producing weddings? Are they truly a “wedding” venue or are they


masquerading as one? If possible, try to find as close to a one-stop-shop as you can. A well-oiled machine will take LOADS off your shoulders. Surround yourself with great vendors! Ask about the preferred vendor list and if you’re able to bring in whomever you like. Consider what’s near the venue hotel-wise. Remember, this is about your guests as well and making it convenient for them from arrival to departure. Think about your out-of-towners and their accommodations. When considering a potential wedding date to shop, make no assumptions. “Peak season” will vary for different parts of the country. Even in the same region, one venue might want to strike a great deal for December around holiday


time while another will play hardball because they’re covered up in corporate parties with big price tags. You never know where they’re looking to make a deal, so ask! Fridays and Sundays will generally be flexible days to have some wiggle-room on pricing. Concerned your guests won’t come on those days? If they love you, they will come! I promise. Venue shopping isn’t the easiest thing you’ll do. It’s also not the hardest! Always remember, finding someone to spend forever with is the hardest part. Keep that in mind; it will keep you grounded. When your venue is selected, everything else will fall into place. Then you’re on to dresses, cake, and flowers! Hydrangeas and fondant and Etsy OH MY!! Enjoy this time! Congratulations!!


Anya Bridal would like to extend a very special Thank You to our incredible vendor partners who helped us make the 2015 Anya Catalog a huge success.

Our dear friends at the Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina were gracious enough to lend their beautiful surroundings to our team. Brides - Villa Christina sets your stage for romantic bliss. They offer stunning indoor and outdoor venue options and a highly accomplished catering and culinary team. The chic decor and majestic ballrooms will make your guests feel warm and welcome as the day itself. Also enjoy the comfort of the Hyatt Lounge when you are at Anya Bridal shopping for the wedding dress of your dreams!


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