Wedding Hairstyles For The Modern Bride




For some brides, the traditional wedding updo just doesn't feel right. It's not that there's anything wrong with the classics, but they don't always suit your wedding dress style or overarching vision for your big day. If you consider yourself a modern bride, you're likely looking for a hairstyle that fits into the contemporary category, right alongside your trendy wedding décor or your fiancé's nontraditional tux. Luckily, you're not the first modern woman to challenge the wedding hairstyle status quo.

Ahead, you'll find a wealth of brides that took their locks to the next level. They ditched the traditional bridal chignons and blowouts that have become so synonymous with wedding hairstyles, and went with different braids, twists, and alternative updos instead. You'll discover that a cool, contemporary hairstyle doesn't necessarily imply a more intricate, involved look or added accessory.

Simplicity might be the theme when we talk about modern wedding hairstyles, but that doesn't mean that you're limited to looks that lack variety. We're loving how brides styled their different hair types and lengths into something that felt completely imagined. From natural curls and pin-straight locks, to bobs and bangs, there's a modern hairdo out there that works with your specific look. Discover the modern wedding hairstyle you'll wear on your ultra-cool big day.


Flower updos

We are obsessed with romantic flower updos for stunning summer weddings. The loose and wavy updo, combined with elegantly placed flowers is a beautiful mix of romantic elegance. We particularly love roses and baby’s breath blossoms for this hairstyle.


Braids are becoming more and more popular, not only in everyday life, but also for brides. Beautiful braids are a stunning choice of understated elegance.

We particularly love the fairy tale fishtail braids that give your hair that whimsical ambiance every bride loves.

Loose waves

If you’re planning a bohemian bash, then the loose wavy wedding hairstyle is for you. We love this look paired with a flower crown or loose chain, giving you that classic boho style.  This simple look is gorgeous if your overall theme is relaxed, simple and boho.

Half up hairstyle

This is a popular choice for brides. It keeps your hair off your face allowing you to dance the night away, while maintaining the perfect look. Loose wavy curls work best for this look.


Headbands are a gorgeous hairstyle accessory and are perfect for brides who crave that whimsical veil. You can opt for diamond encrusted headbands, giving you that extra bit of glamour, or keep it simple with a modest piece of material. Headbands suit down 'dos and loose bun curls. At Anya Bridal, we have a ton of hair accessories that would go perfectly with your grown!


The classic bun is perfect if you’re opting for a veil. Simple and elegant leaving all the attention to your face and dress, this timeless look is stunning.  If you’re holding an elegant and formal affair, this updo is perfect.

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