Spooky Edition: Halloween Themed Wedding Ideas!

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While a Halloween wedding might not be the most conventional theme, it is a popular one. If you love the spookiest night of the year, but are hesitating on committing to this theme for your big event, you should really check out these ideas. Halloween weddings can be everything from elegant and dark to super scary--whatever type you prefer.

Dark Color Palettes

Let's start with color palettes. Halloween weddings are so much more than orange and black. We love the classic black and red combo, especially when you can also incorporate a little sparkle.  But we also adore a more modern palette of deep, rich jewel tones. Below, this enchanting tablescape uses wild, natural elements to give it an untamed vibe.


Moody Atmosphere

Speaking of untamed, the best Halloween decor brings a bit of dark glamour to the event.  You can go "haunted house" with chic candelabras wrapped in faux cobwebs, or with a sophisticated woodsy theme that will remind your guests of walking through a forest at night. Whatever you choose, giving your Halloween wedding a heavy infusion of moodiness will blend well with your theme without making it look too cheesy.


LBD Bridesmaid Dresses

There is never a better time for some LBDs on your bridal party than a Halloween wedding. Especially if you are going with red and black, this look is stylish and subtle. If you want a bit of a "gothic" look, add in accessories like black gloves or birdcage fascinators.  The result will be a group of "black widows" that are absolutely to die for.


Craft Table

There are so many great Halloween crafts for kids that it would be a waste not to use them.  Older kids could carve pumpkins (with some helpful assistance) or decorate a gingerbread haunted house. Younger tots can create "scary" paper plate masks with glue and construction paper. You might even find a few grown-ups joining in on the fun!


Caramel Apple Bar

Who needs wedding cake when you can have a gloriously seasonal caramel apple? Accessorize caramel or candied apples with a variety of sticks, from sweet flags in your palette to thick twigs to make them look like poison apples from a fairy tale.  You can even have your guests create their own with a yummy topping bar full of sprinkles, nuts, and candies.

caramel apples on plate with striped sticks and matching pennant flags

Evening Weddings

Something about a Halloween theme just doesn't go quite as well with a noontime reception.  Host your wedding at night (with the sun going down so early, it won't be hard to do) so that all of the moody candlelight and lanterns are in full effect.


Masquerade or Costume Theme

For those that are completely gaga over Halloween, you may not be interested in being subtle.  You may actually want an all-out, take-no-prisoners, pedal-to-the-metal, Halloween extravaganza. If this is true, the easiest way for it to feel like a holiday event is to have your guests attend in costume.  You can just tell them to dress up as they like, or request a specific theme.  


Halloween Carnival Fun

If your version of Halloween is more Hocus Pocus than The Walking Dead, then you need some playful activities at your event.  Bring on those fun games from the school carnivals that we used to love so much.  Have your guests participate in a cake walk or bob for apples. We love the above idea that involves bobbing for apples in a giant punch bowl of champagne.


Pumpkin Details

Every classic Halloween wedding has a pumpkin in it somewhere.  From jack o' lantern table numbers to golden place card holders, pumpkins are practically the symbol of Halloween.  You can keep them orange or paint them to match your palette!


Trick-or-Treat Favors

It's not really Halloween until you are bemoaning all the sugar you just ate.  Give your friends and family a candy hangover they will never forget with trick-or-treat themed favors. You can pre-package them or have them select their own from a Willy Wonka-worthy selection of sweets. Any naysayers of your eccentric theme will be won over once they are clutching their bag of candy corn and gummy worms!

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