9 Ideas For Creating a Beautiful & Inexpensive Wedding


The average cost of a wedding in America is around $20,000. Doesn’t that seem a little too high? Here are some ways you can easily reduce the cost of a wedding and still keep it as special as it deserves to be.

Each of these wedding cost cutters can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!


1. Keep the size of the wedding as small as possible.

The fewer people attending your wedding, the fewer people you need to account for in terms of invitations, reception meals, booze, etc.



2. Have a wedding lunch instead of a reception.

By having an earlier wedding followed by a lunch, you can save tons of money. People will drink less since it’s earlier in the day, especially if there is no dance to follow. And if there is no dance, there is no need to pay for a DJ. If you have lunch in a restaurant, the price is often less than the dinner price for the same food.


3. Buy an Anya Bridal dress.

At Anya Bridal, we like to keep our dress prices reasonably and without sacrificing the style. Additionally, we have amazing trunk shows at our store all the time, giving you the opportunity to save on any particular dress. If you’re on a budget, you can definitely get an absolutely stunning dress from us!  


4. Do your own bridal hairdo.

With a little planning and experimenting, you can make a great wedding hairstyle for yourself. An affordable hair accessory like this is an elegant and classy way to add wow for gorgeous wedding hair.


5. Ask a friend to take the wedding pictures.

Chances are, you or someone you know owns a digital camera or even a fancy camera. Ask your most artistic friend to take lots of photos.

6. Think outside the box.

Don’t compare your wedding plans to anyone else. Just do what feels like the best for you and your SO. Nowadays a lot of young couples are opting for wedding rings like these which look modern and elegant but cost vastly less!

7. Have a courthouse wedding.

Getting married by a public official is very inexpensive. The cost of a courthouse wedding depends on which state and county you’ll be getting married in, so it varies from state to state. The fee is usually less than $50 though, so it’s a very affordable choice.

8. Skip the honeymoon.

There’s no need to travel to enjoy a honeymoon. You can spend a weekend in a local hotel or even just take time off and be home together. A delayed honeymoon is another option. Plan to go on a trip together when it becomes more financially reasonable to do so. Why not?


9. Ask a friend or family member to make your wedding bouquet.

If you know someone in the floral industry, definitely ask them if they’d be willing to help you make a bouquet. If not, you can ask a friend you trust to create a bouquet for you. Or just make your own if you feel like it’s not going to be too much work. Get creative with wildflowers or even faux flowers made of fabric or paper!

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