7 Last Minute Details A Bride Should Not Forget


There is so much to do in the days leading up to your vows, it is nearly impossible not to forget certain tasks. But these six tiny details are something you want to be sure to remember--doing so will save you lots of stress!


Marriage License

You can’t make your marriage legal unless the officiant signs off on the license, so don’t forget this important piece of paper. Either drop it off with your officiant ahead of time or give it to a trusted member of the bridal party who you’re sure will remember it.

Vendor Tips

While you’re certainly concerned with getting your vendors their final payments, you might forget about the gratuities. Try not to leave this for the last minute; instead, place all of the tips in separate, labeled envelopes and give them to one of your parents or bridal party members to hold onto on the big day.


Vendor Meals

It’s also worth noting that you need to feed some of your vendors, like band members or the DJ, as well as the photographer, videographer and their assistants, so be sure to give that number to your catering manager ahead of time.

Transportation Options

Your guests will likely be drinking at your wedding reception. Brides should make sure to have transportation options ready to go if a guest can't drive later on at night. Thankfully, Uber exists and many hotels offer shuttle services to and from their location.


Groom's Gift

You’ve got gifts for the bridal party and favors for all of the guests—don’t miss out on giving a special present to your husband to be. And be sure to write a heartfelt note to go with it!


Wedding Gifts

Designate a friend or family member who will be responsible for getting the wedding gifts from the venue to your home. You will be too busy saying goodbye to guests to deal with it and you don’t want to risk anything getting left behind.

Wedding Gown Prep 

Preparing your gown and accessories as the wedding approaches is one of the most vital steps that cannot be skipped! Luckily, Anya Bridal has you covered! As an Anya bride, you can take advantage of a complimentary steaming. Your gown and veil will be primped and prepped for your big day! 



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