Last Minute Ideas for your Summer Wedding

This Summer season’s trends will be featuring a lot of bright and bold color palettes, graphic patterns, statement baubles, and more. If you’re having a Summer wedding, here are some great last-minute ideas for the big affair!

Summer Color Trend: Bright, bold, and beautiful!

Turn up the volume on your wedding with color! It’s time to trade the pastels and neutral tones for a vibrant palette of orange, pink, yellow, and bright blue. Your color picks will not only be refreshing, but will work together nicely. Incorporate the vivid coloring into everything from invites and linens to flowers and patterned bridesmaid dresses!

Summer Décor Trend: Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Calligraphy and graphic prints will be the most important element when it comes to a summer wedding. Patterned stationery, napkins, signage, table runners, and curtains will bring the trendy vibes to your summer soiree!

Summer Wedding Flowers: Suspended Centerpieces

Summer weddings don’t necessarily focus on centerpieces as much as they do during the other seasons. Ceiling arrangements, however, are everywhere! Whether it’s a few flowers strung through rafters or suspended centerpieces over tables, it’s all about variety and letting your guests have a “Ooh!” moment. As for the bouquets, wild and brightly colored arrangements are trending, but heavily inspired by seasonal summer flowers.


Summer Snack Trend: Lighter Comfort Food and Cooler Treats!

As far as reinventing the wheel goes, offering ice cream or ice pops at a summer wedding isn’t actually a new trend but offering a cold dessert is a pretty big deal in the summer! Also, a lighter take on comfort foods is much more popular in this season than most. For example, exchanging out a baked mac n cheese for a pasta salad, or swapping out heavy creamed cupcakes for fruit tarts!


Summer Dress Trend: Minimal Silhouettes & Airy Goddesses!

Illusion necklines and opaque fabrics make for feminine-looking silhouettes--there’s a real airy breeze blowing through the summer wedding dress trend! When we think of a beautiful airy wedding dress, we immediately think of our Tuscany dress. Not really your thing? The good news is, classic minimal gowns that feature curve-hugging shapes--like our Ashleigh dress--are just a big a trend in the summer!

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