Creative Mother Of The Bride Gifts


At the moment, your wedding planning list is probably so long it gives you a migraine just glaring glancing at it, but don't forget to add one incredibly significant bullet point to the roundup: finding a mother of the bride gift for your dear mom that encompasses a lifetime of love. No biggie, right!? Mom has been there through it all, from the first fall off your bike, to your first heartbreak, to your first (of many) wedding meltdown(s). To be honest, she should practically be canonized as a saint for braving your moody teenage phase, among plenty of other seemingly dramatic trials and tribulations throughout your lifespan.


With your wedding day on the horizon, there's no better time to show mom just how much she rocks, because you can truly never remind her often enough. We rounded up the best, most creative mother of the bride gifts for any kind of mama that prove your big day isn't all about you—mom deserves some of the spotlight, too.


For the sappy mother who's guaranteed to shed her fair share of tears as you walk down the aisle, she'll definitely make use of a personalized embroidered handkerchief. On the other hand, for the mom who's impossible to shop for, amp up her jewelry collection with a chic new piece she can sport on the wedding day. Above all, you can always resort to a bottle of wine, because your leading lady could probably use a few glasses (to say the least) for surviving your wedding. No matter your budget or your mom's style, there's a mother of the bride gift out there with her name on it (and make sure dad doesn't get left in the dark.


A Wine Crate
Once your wedding day has come and gone, you and your mom deserve nothing more than to sit back and relax with a glass of red or white in honor of conquering the planning process. Thank mom further for helping pick your dress, your flowers, and so much more with, not one, but two bottles of vino and plenty of sweet and salty snacks.

Cashmere Throw
Even if you retired your position as mom’s best snuggle buddy long ago, ensure that she reflects on former cozy nights cuddled on the couch with her little girl a la a new cashmere throw, although it won’t come close to replacing you.

It's safe to assume you've probably pulled your fair share of stunts over the years that have docked time off your mother's lifespan. But, the good news is that you can at least try to make amends at your wedding with a primer and moisturizer duo that will help reclaim her youthful glow. Now if only you could cancel out the gray hairs your wedding has also induced...


Pajama Set
You can never go wrong with new PJs for your leading lady. Take your pick between six colors for the perfect pair mom will have a hard time getting out of every morning.

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