Engagement Party Checklist: We Got You Covered!

You put a ring on it! Now it’s time to celebrate your engagement! Here’s our quick and easy engagement party checklist to ensure you’ve got everything covered! 


Setting a date for your engagement party is so important. When it comes to date-setting, it will ultimately come down to when you think you’ll get married. We recommend that sometime in the first three months if your engagement isn’t longer than a year and a half. 



Before you choose a venue, figure out how many people you will be catering for! Are you inviting the whole family? Extended family? Or is it a close family and friends shindig? Remember! Your engagement party doesn't have to dictate who will be invited to the actual wedding. 


Now that you have the date and the list, it’s time to pick a venue. It could be somewhere super sentimental for you, like your favorite restaurant or bar. You could also look at nearby venues that hire out function rooms if you need a larger area for the party. Your engagement can be as formal or informal as you choose. It’s all about celebrating you so keep it light and fun.


This is the fun part! Something elegant or chic for the occasion will suit the celebration perfectly. And don’t worry about whether you need to wear white or not--this is a casual event and you’ll have plenty of time to wear white at your wedding! 


Whether you’re hosting the party at a venue or at home, think about how you’ll cater to all of the guests. A restaurant or bar should be able to cater to different dietary requirements. You’ll also be able to talk about finger food, buffet or sit down meal options. Finger food and buffets are a great option for at-home events. A food or drinks truck can also add to the fun!




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