Here's What You Pay For When You're In A Wedding Party


When it comes to your wedding party, being honest and communicating with your family and friends is so important. A big part of that comes down to wedding costs and what is expected from them if they’re apart of the wedding party. Be honest with what you expect from them and obviously, be realistic about what you do and don’t want! But this begs the question, who exactly pays for what? 

That’s where we come in! We’ve broken down different categories and what we believe is realistic about what your party contributes! 

Wedding Costs

Traditionally, there are three different options when it comes to paying for items within your wedding party: one is for the couple to cover all costs, two is for the wedding party to cover all costs, and three is for splitting the costs between the couple and the party. Out of all options, the third one is considered the most popular. If you’re apart of the wedding party, expect to spend at least $500-$1000 on that particular wedding. Again, it’s super important to have an honest conversation and to set a budget that works for everyone! 

 Dresses and Suits

The first challenge you’ll come across is the formalwear for your wedding. So, who pays? It’s important to recognize everyone’s budgets. Here’s what we think: a dress, suit or suit hire priced under $200 each is considered reasonable for the wedding party to pay. An item between $200 and $500 should generally begin a conversation over splitting the bill. 

Hair and Makeup

The fellas don’t have to worry about this one, although there is the barbershop/pampering option for groomsmen. Traditionally, the couple will pay for hair and makeup for the bridal party. However, beauty treatments like waxes or getting their nails done should be covered by the wedding party. 


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