Tips On The Perfect Engagement Photoshoot

Whether you’re engaged already or you think the big question may be coming soon, we want to offer a few tips we’ve learned over the years for nailing your engagement photos. From what to wear to where to go, keep these things in mind before your upcoming photo shoot!

Wear something you’re comfortable in.

You’ve probably read some form of this tip before, but it really is the most important thing. If you choose clothes that are too tight or clingy, you’ll spend your whole session picking at them or covering up. If you choose something you’ve never worn before, you’ll be worried about how you look in it or may discover it’s actually terribly uncomfortable, which can come across in your photos

Choose outfits that make you feel like a million bucks. If you do purchase something new, take it out for a test run (hello, date night excuse!) with plenty of time to launder it before your session in case of a spill or other mishap. As much as you consider how your engagement outfits make you feel, think also about how they’ll photograph during your session. For the ladies, we recommend choosing pieces that flow nicely as you move, especially if you’re doing your photos outdoors.


Getting Comfortable

Choose a surrounding that you know and feel at home in. Have a glass of wine in a quiet setting before you gear up to shoot, get your makeup done professionally so you feel gorgeous and ask your photographer - very specifically - to give you ideas on how you can get better shots so that you feel prepared and more at ease. Whatever you need to do to help set the stage for comfort - even in what might feel like an uncomfortable situation - is going to help you feel far more relaxed.



If you went through the effort of finding a photographer that you love - whose innate style you love and whose output of imagery you love - trust them. Listen to them. Let them guide you. The more you force poses that you've seen before or try to specifically construct what you want the final outcome to look like, the less room your photographer will have to do what they do best.


Photo Usage

Consider how you will be using your engagement photos...Where will they be? Your wedding website? Framed in your home? On your save the dates? Convey these ideas to your photographer so that they can shoot with those priorities in mind. So that they know to shoot vertical shots for an invitation. They know to shoot horizontal for your website.


Don't overthink it!

You two have your own totally interesting, emotion filled story to tell. You don't need a ton of props and poses to share that story. Instead, go in with a few funny memories tucked into your pocket, a few words that you've always wanted to say. Talk to each other, laugh with each other, mess with each other and go to that place that you two feel most yourselves - whether it's serious and intense or lighthearted and fun!

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