Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Booking your wedding venue is probably the biggest decision you’ll make in the lead up to your big day. (Aside from choosing your bridal gown that is!).

But of course, a wedding venue will mean different things for different couples. For you it might just be a reception space, for others it will be where you hold your ceremony too, and for some, it will be a base for several days of festivities, with accommodation thrown in too.

And the spaces themselves will differ; hotels, restaurants, town halls, barn venues, or local sports/country clubs – the options are seriously endless!

With that being said, to help you make your choice (and make it an informed one!), we’ve put together a list of every question to ask your venue when you visit.

Not all of these will apply to you or the venue, but there are some you might never have thought of, that could come up in future planning.

Having this handy checklist of questions ready to go, will help you gauge if the venue is right for you, your guests, and the needs of your day. And it’s not all about catching your venue out either. From recommending local suppliers to helping with the timeline of your day, your venue can be a big support in your planning and on the day itself, so asking the right questions from the outset, will let them know your requirements too.


Availability, Cost & Capacity

What is the availability around our ideal dates?

What is the venue capacity for a seated meal?

Is there a minimum spend?

Do you offer packages, what exactly is included?

Is there any flexibility in taking elements from different packages?

Have you different rooms/spaces to choose from?

Are you licensed host civil wedding ceremonies?

What are the terms of payment/when do we need to pay?

Have you got public liability insurance?

What is the cancellation policy?

Is there outdoor space?


Do you offer catering?

If not, are there kitchen facilities, serveware and tableware?

Can you cater for those with special requirements and allergies?

Do you offer tastings?

Can we see your drinks/bar menu and pricing?

Can we bring our own alcohol?

If so, what is the charge for corkage?

Where will the cocktail hour be held?

What time does the bar close?

Do you offer bar/venue extensions?


Do you offer accommodation?

Is there a bridal suite included with the venue hire?

If not, have you a large room for pre-ceremony prep/hair & make-up?

Do you include rooms in the wedding package?

Can we block book rooms for our guests?

Guest Requirements

Is it accessible for disabled guests?

Are there baby changing facilities?

Are children welcome, is there a time they need to leave by?

Can we see the bathrooms?

Have you got parking?

Is there a smoking area?

Staffing & Technicalities

Is there a service charge or what is the tipping policy?

Is there a wedding coordinator?

Who will be running things on the day?

What are the turnaround times (if we’re using the same space twice for ceremony/dinner/dancing?)

Can we get in the day before/early in the morning for set-up?

Are we responsible for the take-down and when does it need to be done?

How late can we stay at the venue?

What time can we play music until?

Are their any music/noise restrictions?

Are we allowed confetti?

What if it’s an especially hot/cold/windy/wet day?


Decor & Details

Have you tables and chairs (and can we see them)?

Can we bring our own chairs and tables?

When can rental companies deliver them ahead of the wedding?

Have you a fixed list of approved vendors or can we bring our own?

Are there local vendors you’d recommend?

Are we allowed to hang lights or decor from the walls or ceilings?

Can we do this ourselves or do we need contractors?

Are we allowed candles?

What does the venue look like at night?

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