Real Wedding ~ Christina + David

I had a blast working with Anya Bridal! My dress was ordered and arrived quickly, and everyone was really nice. My entire family loved my gown! I have 30 or so first cousins and lots of Aunts and Uncles. But my dress was unique compared to all the other women in my family who have all gotten married. Everyone was really stunned when I walked down the aisle. David, my now husband, was kind of confused when he first saw me – he thought I was going for a big ball gown, but I chose a fit and flare style. The dress was beautiful, and the price wasn’t’ bad either. I was under budget, which was nice. My favorite part was all the sparkle on the dress. I thought I didn’t want sparkle, I thought I wanted really intricate fabric, but my dress was full of sequins!

Christina + David

My advice to new brides… If you have a lot of close women in your life (like more than two), I would suggest going shopping alone first and then bringing back mom and sister and cousins when you’re ready. That is what really helped me. I went shopping three other places with my whole gang and it wasn’t until I visited Anya Bridal a second time with my mom that I felt confident in making a purchase. Go alone first, so you don’t end up buying mom’s favorite dress that isn’t your choice. Also, not everything is going to be what you plan since you were a teenager. The moment I got engaged, everything went out the window. Take your time and have fun. It’s a fun experience. It gets stressful when you rush it. Enjoy the engagement!

Christina + David

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Christina + David

Oakhurst Farms: Oakhurst is a Centennial Farm that has been in Lynda Marlowe's family since 1901. Lynda and Lon acquired the farm in 1978 and, with son Morgan and daughter Ellie, operated it as a cattle and hay farm. In 2001, the Marlowes began to create the setting for special events so that the public could also enjoy the beauty of the farm. Whether you are planning a wedding, reunion, business conference, or other special event, Oakhurst Farm will provide you with a unique experience. Set in the middle of a family farm that has been in operation for more than 100 years, our hall and gardens offer an unparalleled combination of elegance and country charm which will make your event truly special.

Christina + David

Savvi Formalwear: Savvi Formalwear is a cooperative of the finest formalwear retailers in the world. The organization is collectively managed so that customers are seamlessly served across the United States and Canada. To ensure the very best service for every customer, all locations are family owned and operated by members in their respective communities. And all locations are served by local warehouses so that tuxedos look their best when you wear them for your event.

Christina + David

Perfect Wedding Cake Perfect Wedding Cake is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in wedding cakes as well as sculpted cakes and desserts for all occasions.  We take pride in our history of custom cakes and baking, often mixing recipes passed down for generations with modern techniques and designs.

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