How To Plan Your Second Wedding


No matter what your situation, whether it was the hardship of divorce or death that prompts this second life changing step in your world, your second marriage is a beautiful time to celebrate just as much as the first. But as you know, there are a few different things to consider as you plan for this exciting celebration. Here’s a guide to help you get started on planning an amazing second wedding that’s just right for you and your love.


Big or Small Celebration?
Many people feel their second wedding should be a small celebration where they only invite close family and friends. You may have already had a big wedding where you received countless gifts so you know you don’t need much. Or maybe you don’t want to throw a big party because you already know how much work it is and you’re just excited to start your new life together. Consider how you and your future spouse both feel. Maybe a small and intimate gathering is the right answer. Or maybe a large celebration would be a wonderful opportunity to start your new life off with a bang. You might hear a lot of opinions from family members, but there is no right or wrong way to celebrate a second marriage. So go with your heart and do what feels right for you!


Consider Who is Important to You
Who is most important to you and your spouse and how will they be involved in your wedding? This is a consideration all brides need to think about in order to plan their wedding appropriately. But as a woman going into a second marriage, your important people and how they participate might be a little different.

If you have young children or teens from your first marriage living at home, they are going to need a lot of love and attention during your big day because this is now a big day for them too. The same goes for any kids your future spouse may have at home. Consider their feelings and how much they want to be involved. They are embarking in this new relationship as well, so treating them as such will help things flow more smoothly for everyone and end up being more fun and meaningful. And don’t forget your adult children! They won’t be as involved in your relationship as young children, but they’ll still be affected by your marriage. So include them in your wedding plans if they’re interested.


Should You Have a Gift Registry for Your Second Wedding?
It totally depends on your preference and needs. It’s 100% acceptable to have a registry, but some couples feel a little awkward because they’ve already received so much from everyone they know during their first wedding. If this is the case, you can always let guests know on your invitation that they don’t need to bring gifts and write something like, “Your presence is your present”. Or you can ask them to give to a charity of your choice instead! However, if your situation brings you to a place where it would be super helpful to get some items from your family and friends, don’t hesitate to create a registry. Chances are, most of your family and friends will already know you need things so they would be more than happy to help!


Writing Invitations
Do you put your maiden name or your current legal name? Consider what most people know you as and what is most comfortable for you. Each second marriage is unique, so what works for one bride-to-be may not work for another. There’s no right or wrong here, just practicality. You want to make sure people know who’s invitation this is and a picture of you and your soon-to-be-groom will do most of the telling. But if you don’t have a picture with your invite then the practicality aspect of what name you choose is even more important simply for recognition purposes.

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