Tips to Shop For Maternity Bridesmaids Dresses



You have just announced your engagement... Congratulations! With your announcement, one of your bridesmaids-to-be has her own exciting news to share: she’s expecting! Choosing a bridesmaid dress can be challenging, especially when one of your bridesmaids is expecting. Fortunately, we have a list of tips and styles to make shopping for the mommy-to-be bridesmaid easier!



1. Depending on how far along your bridesmaid will be on the wedding day can affect what type of dress she wears. Typically, if she has been expecting for less than four months, she can order the same dress as the other bridesmaids in a couple sizes bigger. The general rule is that dresses can be altered two sizes without changing the style of the dress. If she will be more than five months into her pregnancy, a maternity bridesmaid dress is strongly encouraged. It may be difficult to find the same bridesmaid dress style as the other girls, but you can usually find the same color. While not having the same style may be inconvenient, maternity bridesmaid dresses are the best way to ensure that your mommy-to-be is confident and comfortable on your special day.

2. Generally, when you are measured for a dress, the seamstress will take hip, bust, and waist measurements. However, taking waist measurements for a pregnant bridesmaid is practically useless! We advise that you leave room for growth in the bridesmaid dress and pick a seamstress that has experience with altering maternity bridesmaid dresses!

3. Bridesmaids dresses are typically ordered 5-6 months before the wedding, but when you have an expecting bridesmaid, it’s best to wait as close to the wedding date as possible for dress alterations.

4. Make sure you order your maternity bridesmaid dress with extra length, so that the hemline isn’t too high in the front. If it’s too long, it can always be hemmed closer to the wedding day. span>


Maternity Bridesmaid Dress Styles and Colors

We love chiffon maternity dresses! This is an elegant fabric that will give your mommy-to-be room to breathe and space to move. This fabric will help keep your bridesmaid comfortable if you have a summer wedding and warm if you have a winter wedding. This is a very popular fabric for bridesmaid dresses, so you shouldn’t have a problem matching your expecting mother’s maternity bridesmaid dress with the other bridesmaid dresses. Check out our (Alfred Sung Maternity Dress Style M427)

So chiffon maternity dresses are a must but what color? You may have had your wedding colors picked out since you were a little girl, or maybe you have no idea! We are here to give you a little direction, and if you want more direction, check out our blog about trending bridesmaid dress colors for 2018.

So what colors do we absolutely love this wedding season?

Blush Pink is a spectacular color for your wedding party because it’s such a soft, elegant pink that each of your bridesmaid will radiate in! We LOVE blush maternity bridesmaid dresses. Your mommy-to-be will absolutely love her blush maternity bridesmaid dress because it will enhance her pregnancy glow.

Navy is also one of our favorite bridesmaid dress colors for 2018! This is such a versatile color because it can be beautiful in just about any wedding - whether you have a summer destination wedding or a romantic winter wedding planned. Our Midnight Navy dress color is very popular with our maternity bridesmaid dress collection!

While finding a maternity bridesmaid dress that matches the other bridesmaid dresses may be difficult, it’s important that you show your appreciation to your mommy-to-be bridesmaid by considering her confidence and comfort. We hope these maternity bridesmaid dress tips and styles will help make your maternity bridesmaid dress shopping experience simpler!

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