Spring Wedding Ideas That Won't Break The Bank


Tossing around wedding ideas, planning wedding décor and shopping for wedding decorations are the fun part of wedding planning. Being on a budget will make the process more challenging and definitely more tedious, but there are ways to reduce costs and still have a fabulous spring wedding. Not just any fabulous spring wedding…a marvelous celebration filled with love, laughter and the making of memories! 

We daydream of our wedding day from the time we are little girls. Horse-drawn carriages complete with a palace and prince charming. What else could a girl ask for? A never-ending budget, perhaps? Never crossed our young minds. 

Before we get started, let’s agree on two things. First, we remove “cheap wedding ideas for spring” from the discussion and replace it with “cost-effective wedding ideas for spring.” Second, an expensive wedding does not mean a better marriage. Research has proven so.

Plan ahead and stay organized. Running head first into a great deal usually takes pre-planning. Explore wedding themes for spring. Pick your spring wedding colors. Then make a detailed list. Check online. Check with friends. Do your research.


You Don’t Need the Expensive Flower Arrangements

Wedding decoration ideas always include flowers. Fresh flowers are beautiful but they can come with a hefty price tag. Avoid flowers that are hard to find or considered rare. Tulips and hydrangeas are a popular choice for a spring wedding and will be lighter on the pocketbook. Wildflowers are a gorgeous addition to traditional flowers and can be mix-matched and handpicked.

Spring wedding ideas on a budget should include artificial flowers. Artificial flowers have come a long way in look and feel. They can be arranged ahead of time and vases can be purchased on sale. You can always ask for vase donations or display flowers in unique vessels such as mugs or bottles.

Personalized Invitations

You’ve heard how hand-written letters and thank you notes go a long way. While printed invitations are great, the process can become very expensive. Personalize your wedding invitations and really create a “wow” moment for your guests, who will undoubtedly be touched by the effort you put into them.

To start, pick your paper and size and order them offline. Pay attention to the little elements so your invitation stands out. Carefully decide on your font, and maybe even try out a calligraphy pen. Consider a splash of watercolor to add a unique artsy effect. Simply buy a color or two and a paintbrush and add a few simple streaks to the bottom, top or sides of your invites.


Avoid an Inflated Guest List

Many considerations depend on a head count with food and liquor really adding up per person. Even the cost of wedding decorations will increase because more people mean a larger space. Create a master guest list and reduce by 20%. Then again by 10%. Enlist in the help of an unbiased person to help you avoid family politics.

Photo Board

It’s nice to have a photo display at your reception so guests can see a collage of the important people in the bride and groom’s lives – them. Add your favorite photos of your friends, families, each other and other loved ones. Your photo board should represent the unity of both of your lives. Find a large frame, wooden or otherwise, then secure string across the frame, so you can use clothespins to display your memories for everyone to enjoy.

Skip the Fancy Wedding Invitations

A printer and a classy template will suffice for your spring wedding invitations. Avoid the pricey details such as two shades of ink or extra postage for a square piece of paper. Also, consider emailing invitations or creating an online group invitation through social media. Even a hybrid of all three will save you money.

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