It's Your Wedding Day...Here's How You Stay Sane!

The wedding bells are ringing and now you can finally hear them even louder because your big day has finally arrived! If you're wondering how to push away the wedding-day jitters and silence any pre-wedding stress, here are six easy ways to stay sane and grounded on the morning of your wedding.


Get That Playlist Ready!

The morning off with a playlist of your top 25 favorite songs, ever. Blast them in the hotel room and don't be shy about busting out some pre-wedding dance moves.

Get the Grub

Even when the nerves start to set in, don't forget to get a bite to eat the morning of the wedding. Stock the fridge with your favorite breakfast and lunch foods to munch on throughout the day.


Take It Easy

Spend the morning relaxing and hanging out with your gal pals. Try not to jump on the phone with any vendors or get into any serious convos with family members about the wedding during your downtime.

Avoid the Crew

Even if your bridal party is packed with more bridesmaids than you can count on both hands, try to spend some alone time with two or three friends instead of the whole crew. You'll enjoy your silence before the craziness of the wedding day begins.

Get in a Quick Workout

Go for a walk or head to the gym for a quick stint on the elliptical. Sometimes a quick morning sweat sesh can help rid you of any pre-wedding jitters.


Go Offline

Turn your phone on silent and log off Facebook for the day. Avoiding incoming messages and even Facebook posts will make you feel stress-free and ready to take on the best and biggest day of your life.


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