Tips On How To Stay Sweat-Free On Your Wedding Day



We all know that wedding days can deliver a few stress-inducing moments along with all the perfect memories. But how you handle those stressors is what separates the women from the girls. Translation? Be prepared! With a few easy tricks, you can look calm and cool, even when the pressure is rising. Here, some of our favorite stay-cool solutions to all your wedding day nerves.


Chill Out

The night before your wedding, put all your skincare products in the fridge. On the big day, everything from your moisturizer to your foundation will literally cool you down as you apply it. Another tip? Do the same with your fragrance, for a refreshing burst every time you spritz!


Never Let Them See You Sweat

We all have trouble areas when it comes to sweat—and regardless of whether it's the back of your neck, your upper lip, or your palms, there's an easy solution: Simply apply an unscented, liquid deodorant.


Think Outside the Box

When it comes to keeping calm and collected on your wedding day, it's okay to break the rules—so look to products with cooling properties and apply them on your feet or down the middle of your back—even if that's not where they were made to go.


Choose Your Timeline Carefully

The easiest way to beat the heat? Try to avoid exchanging vows during peak sun hours (between 11am and 2pm). Same goes for outdoor photos. If you do have to be outside at this time, use natural shade to your advantage. Hold the ceremony under trees or a vine-covered pergola, or in an open-air pavilion or gazebo. And don’t forget to offer some shade to your guests, even if it’s just having hats or parasols available.


Keep The Hair In Check

No one wants limp, lifeless locks on their wedding day, but even the most heavy-duty styling products can’t help once your hair is drenched in sweat. To keep your tresses looking their best, opt for an updo—especially if you tend to sweat on your neck and back. The same goes for men with longer hair: Consider pulling it back into a bun. Then stash a mini bottle of dry shampoo in your wedding day kit to touch up bangs or pieces of hair that have fallen onto your forehead.


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