5 Shopping Tips for Full-Figured Brides

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with curves and the confidence to sport those curves. But we understand that shopping as a full-figured bride can have its challenges. If you are prepared (because you read this post), then the wedding dress shopping experience won't be the nightmare from hell. Promise. That's why Master Bridal Stylist Tracy Stewart is the gem of our team, bringing over 10 years of bridal expertise  and hands-on experience working with full-figured brides. Read on for her top 5 tips brides should follow as they seek out the perfect wedding dress this weekend during the Full Figured Trunk Show on September 19-21, 2014.

Keep an Open Mind

This is probably the most important tip of them all. With the hype surrounding bridal reality shows, it's difficult not to build your own assumptions about what the wedding dress shopping experience will be like. "When you come in with reality TV expectations that are not met, then you run the risk of feeling miserable and like you are not going to find anything," said Tracy.  But if you keep an open mind, you might just have the time of your life! The truth is that every bride has a unique experience, and yours should be too.

Anya Bridal ~ 5 Shopping Tips for Full Figured BridesTrust Your Consultant

"Your consultant knows her merchandise and what will look good on your body," Tracy said.  An experienced bridal stylist has seen it all before, and can suggest silhouettes that will enhance your lovely features and make you look like the bombshell bride that you are! Tracy suggests some full-figured brides may find that slim A-line styles and some fit-and-flare styles will work best for the curvier body type. Full-figured brides might also consider gowns with built-in boning to give the extra support in the abdomen and hips. Nonetheless, these are things that your consultant will discuss with you during your bridal appointment. So trust in their abilities!

Have Fun!

We usually don't have to tell many brides this, but there are the few who bring bad nerves and the fear that they won't find a dress to fit. Tracy suggests you have a blast, and remember that "you are shopping for a dress you'll wear to marry the man who loves you just the way you are." Let's never lose sight of that one important detail, and make the wedding dress shopping experience nothing but a celebration.

Wear Foundational Pieces

You'd be surprised by what the right undergarments and shoes can do to the entire fit of your gown. Tracy suggests that you wear any of the following under your clothes to your bridal appointment: long-line strapless bra, shapewear (also known around here as SPANX), and shoes with the right height heel that can correct posture. If you are unfamiliar with SPANX shapewear, then you have certainly been missing out on the perfect little pieces that work magic to your body. You can discuss the right foundational options with your bridal specialist.

Limit the Number of People you Bring

At Anya Bridal Warehouse, we suggest that brides bring no more then 3-4 additional people to the bridal appointment. "If you are a self-conscious bride," said Tracy, " you should shop with only the people who are going to support you." So if that only includes your mom and your BFF who remembers your first boyfriend from high school, then it is okay to only invite those gals. Tracy believes that the bridal reality TV shows are tainting brides' perceptions of the bridal business, presenting the shopping experience as less intimate and more of a show to entertain the people you bring with you. That should not be the case. You don't have to bring 10 people with you to find your dream dress; that's a show. They will see your dress on the wedding day. Most importantly, you only want to invite those who are going to build you up and point out your best qualities.   And there you have it. Five important tips to remember as you head out shopping for your big day. If you have questions specific to full-figured brides, feel free to contact Master Bridal Stylist Tracy Stewart or any of our amazing specialists at 404-699-4655. Now is also a good time to reserve your fitting room online for the upcoming Full-Figured Trunk Show featuring sizes 16w-32w at 10-30% off. This weekend is going to be epic!

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