The Ultimate Guide to Our Favorite Wedding Themes

outdoor wedding table decorations

One of the hardest things about wedding planning is communicating your vision with your vendors. Explaining a rustic-themed wedding might sound like a bohemian soiree to your planner! Visuals help but it’s mostly important to know you’re speaking the same language. That’s where we come in.

We decided to break down every theme you could possibly dream of and wrote down basic descriptions/buzzwords for each theme.



Overview: A theme that evokes the American 1920s, especially art deco architecture--think of the Chrysler or Empire State buildings. This theme is all about the glitz and the glam. Energetic jazz music was the life of every party.
Buzzwords: Metallics, opulent, flashy.
What it should look like: White ostrich feathers tucked into centerpieces, sequined-like tablecloths, geometric shapes, art decorations from the 1920s, and most importantly, the champagne towers!



Overview: “Boho” style has a way of looking incredibly chic and with no effort! The decor typically looks humble, but eye-catching. As far as the color theme goes, the palette can be found living in harmony with a garden.
Buzzwords: Hipster, nomadic, tribal.
What it should look like: Mismatched bridesmaid dresses, wispy and wild bouquets/flower arrangements, cozy lounging area, possibly chic teepees, and a tall beautiful cake covered in fresh flowers!



Overview: A venue filled with whitewashed decor, from linens to floral arrangements. There could be metallic or pastel accents, but overall the palette is flushed with light and airy textures.
Buzzwords: Timeless, traditional, elegant.
What it should look like: Classic weddings are always more on the formal side-aka, clean-cut affairs. This means a champagne cocktail hour, chargers set at each place setting, tea light candles, arrangements made up of a single floral variety.



Overview: Personifying the American West, country weddings are full of charm and overflowing with flavor! This style is all about celebrating your hometown and adding in American flare!
Buzzwords: Homespun, rural, western.
What it should look like: Cowboy boots need to definitely make an appearance! Swap out traditional items with more of a stronger hometown spin on things. Pies from your local bakery, for example, could be swapped out with a wedding cake.


Overview: The ultimate inspiration for a glamorous wedding is a red carpet or award show-like after party! Sweeping hairstyles, amazing outfits, and old-school Hollywood red lips with fancy decor for a glittery celebration!
Buzzwords: Chic, captivating, dazzling, sparkly
What it should look like: A flower wall can definitely be considered glamourous as well as elegantly draped fabric linens. Metallics are a must as well as live music and fireworks!



Overview: A modern wedding is all about simplicity! Millennials are typically gravitated towards this wedding style. It has a playful touch on a formal setting, as to keep it from feeling stuffy.
Buzzwords: Vogue, contemporary, graphics.
What it should look like: Mix and match of patterns is playful, but the color scheme should be sophisticated, fashion and streamlined. A modern monogram or cool logo to personalize the menus and the dance floor, while the cake is simple.



Overview: Bright colors, flirty lines and fabrics define a preppy wedding! There’s typically a modern motif or pattern to set off all the bright colors, and the combo of bold palette and graphic details elevates the whole ambience to flirty and fun levels!
Buzzwords: Bright, sophisticated, playful.
What it should look like: You can’t have a preppy wedding without peonies! They’re iconic. Ruffled pink bloom is perfect to create statement centerpieces and accents.

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