11 Amazing Ideas for Your Wedding Day Nails

Nude nail polish and french manicures are popular nail looks for brides, but what if plain & simple nails aren’t your thing? Nail art is your answer! You don’t need to stray away from the classic nail polish look if you don’t want to, simply switching up the colors of your typical french manicure can do the trick! We’ve compiled 11 ideas that will hopefully inspire those who want to take their wedding day nails to a whole new level!


wedding nails

Forget about putting your heart on your sleeve — put it on your nail instead. A red heart accent nail adds a romantic touch to a plain ivory manicure. Don’t ya think?


gold wedding nails

Switch up your French manicure by using a gold glitter nail polish on your tips. Instead of a straight line of glitter, try an effect that looks like they’re falling for a more romantic look.


engagement ring

Draw a bit more attention to your ring fingers with diamante-encrusted design on the perimeter of your nails. It adds a touch of sparkle to your usual French manicure.

wedding nails with gem


A fine glitter top coat will add some shine to a neutral polish. If you still want more of a statement, add a single diamante to the moon of each nail.


wedding nail

Let your manicure do all of the talking by writing “I do” on your ring finger nail.


wedding nail designs

Coordinate your nails with the lace on your bouquet with an intricate design.


wedding nails with gem 2

Dress up an ivory manicure with diamantes. Choose different designs on each nail for a more dynamic look.

pink wedding nails

Trade your nude nail polish for a soft pink one. Complete the look with a dusting of silver glitter on the moons of your nails.


white wedding nails

Contrast your pearl-colored nail polish with metallic silver stripes on one accent nail; then work in your “something blue” with a tiny blue heart.


gold french tip wedding nail

Swap the white tips of a French manicure for gold glitter. Wear your nails longer to properly show the look off.


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