Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Catering


Almost every couple can agree on one thing: food is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Having an amazing meal for your guests is pretty important. When it comes to choosing a catering company for your wedding, a lot of questions come to mind: how much should we spend? What’s included in the cost? How can we save money on this matter? Say no more! We’ve gathered information to bring you all you need to know about wedding catering!


How Much Should We Spend?

The average cost of wedding catering in the US is $4000. Note that wedding catering prices do vary widely depending on your wedding’s location and many other factors, like guest count—but no matter where you’re getting married, delicious and food is essential to an amazing wedding reception experience. Food is becoming increasingly important for couples around the United States as they work to create more of a memorable dining experience for their guests.


What’s Included In Wedding Catering?

Here are some typical items included in a catering package:

Food: Wedding food cost and price depending on your catering style.

Drinks:  Your caterer will be in charge of providing beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, depending on the package. You can choose to BYOB and pay a corkage fee, hire a different supplier or mobile bar for cocktails.

Staffing: From cooks to servers and bartenders. This is also related to the catering style that you choose. 

Rentals: Chairs, tables, dishes or glassware can be provided by your caterer. 

Extras: Some suppliers may charge additional fees and costs like corkage fees or cake cutting.


Wedding Bar: Yay or Nay?

Interactive food stations have definitely been on the rise over the years, and a wedding bar is a great addition to your big day. Ultimately, it depends on the style of your wedding and the budget you set. You could have an open bar (meaning that the wedding hosts pay for everything, so until the bar runs out of booze, all drinks are on you!), limited open bar (This means that a limited or a selection of beverages and drinks are for free or that the bar will serve free drinks for a specified time limit by the host), or a cash bar (this means that guests pay for their own drinks.)

Questions to ask your caterer: 

  • Can we customize our menus?

  • Can you cater to different dietary requirements?

  • What is and isn’t included in the menu packages?

  • Are tastings available and what is involved?

  • What beverage options are available?

  • How many waitstaff will be working on the day?



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